spanish cuisine

my husband had to go to salt lake city after our wedding for work so we didn’t take a traditional honeymoon right away. instead, we waited almost 10 months later and were able to spend time planning a fun trip. both of us are pretty well traveled but neither of us had been to spain before…. so spain it is! we had always heard that spain had some of the best food in the world. anthony bourdain says that the two best countries in the world in terms of food are japan and spain and we were so anxious to try it all.

our trip began a little rocky with our insane uber driver who didn’t know how to get to the airport or how to navigate a car in a big city. once we finally got to the airport, we found a restaurant and had a few drinks. vacay time!


we stayed in the center of the city in a beautiful apartment which made restaurants, bars, museums & shopping all incredibly accessible. one of our first stops was to a local gem called “la venencia” for pre-dinner drinks. the local spot offered a few types of sherry and tapas. this is when we noticed one of the best things about spain. the bar tenders bring you little plates of food while you drink without asking and it is super cheap. I ordered a glass of oloroso and my husband josh ordered fino. along with our dsherry, they brought us a plate of olives. I’m not a fan of olives. actually, I really hate them. however, I decided that I should partake while in spain. we ordered a few different tapas. the lomo was my favorite. a yummy, rich dried spanish tenderloin that was sliced just for us. after a few glasses of sherry and a few tappas, our bill came out to 9 euros. how is it so cheap? we love this place!!


for our first dinner, we decided to walk to the plaza de santa ana. it was only a few blocks from our apartment, offered patio seating and live musicians. we were sold. we stopped at a restaurant that had open seating. we ordered some wine and started with a garlic shrimp dish. YUM!



my cute husband.

for our main course, we decided to order the chef’s specialty which was a plate full of sliced steak topped with seasonings and rock salt. you are also given a large hot rock that you can cook the meat on yourself. we drank wine, enjoyed dinner and chatted. what a fun night!


our next stop on our culinary adventure was the mercado de san miguel. i had no idea what to expect: rows and rows of delicious food offerings. anytime we saw something that looked good, we stopped and ordered something. we had olives, meats, burrata, pizza and beer. yummy! here are some photos of the mercado.





we found out that candy gummies are a popular tapas option, and I had the world’s best mojitos at this bar called “casa pueblo.”  we really loved this place & ended up visiting it four nights total during our trip.




a place right next door to our apartment offered flamenco dancing shows with dinner called “el buo.” we went there twice on our trip because the food was so yummy & it was super convenient! on our first visit, we had a few appetizers and then i ordered the black tagliatelle pasta with tomatoes and prawns. josh had roasted suckling pig with shishito pepper smashed potatoes. it all was amazing.

IMG_1328 IMG_1329

on the last night of our trip, we came back to “el buo.” we had an appetizer of grilled pig ears and their famous paella. they mixed and served the paella tableside. it was a fun show and delicious.

pig ear paella

 at the airport in houston, I encountered a culinary wonder. the sausage mcmuffin at mcdonalds. how had I never had one before? my husband’s jaw dropped to the ground when i told him that i had never had one and then he proceeded to order several so that I could try them. it was tasty and a funny cap to our well-fed honeymoon. can’t wait for our next big adventure!

spanish cuisine

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