broccoli cheese soup & panini

this is such an easy recipe and it is so yummy. i always make a version of emeril’s recipe. you can find his recipe here. the soup is perfect by itself but is more filling when served with a simple turkey panini. i didn’t make the croutons today but his recipe for the croutons is so, so good.


a few tips:

  • use leeks instead of onions for a more mild onion taste- i usually prefer leeks when cooking soups.
  • use leftover hotdog or hamburger buns when making the croutons. the buns were made with butter in the bread so they made the croutons extra tasty and rich.
  • i like to split up the cheddar and do sharp cheddar for half of the amount instead of medium cheddar for the whole amount.
  • i know it’s an extra step but shredding your own cheese is so much better. the cheese melts so much smoother when it is freshly shredded. it doesn’t have extra powders and additives that packaged shredded cheese does. it is so much yummier!


broccoli cheese soup & panini

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