tour glassI’ve already admitted that I have an obsession to linens. Did I mention that I am completely in love with glassware? I LOVE GLASSES! Most of my glassware is out of the “Tour” collection from Crate and Barrel. You can find that here. I think they’re beautifully made and a great size. They also aren’t so expensive that you can’t replace them when you inevitably break them.

I have several sets of champagne glasses. They are my favorite glass to collect. Here are a few of the glasses that I have sets of:

These are out of the Verve collection. They’re so fun and sturdy. My parents have a huge set of these and they’re so fun to pull out and use.

verve champagneThese are out of the Tour collection as well. Gorgeous, tall flutes. I love flutes that are taller than my water goblet when I’m eating dinner and these are perfect ones for setting the table for a celebratory dinner. tour champagneMy sister Amber shares my love of glassware and she is probably the reason why I am so obsessed. She surprised me and sent me a set of these fun, pretty stemless flutes that I have been drooling over from CB2. Aren’t they so fun!? I can’t wait to use them for a girl’s night! cylinder-pink-flute

They’re so fun to mix and match and you’ll be surprised how much you use them. Plus, getting new champagne flutes means you need to test them out— it’s always good to have a reason to pop a bottle!

I think these are going to be my next acquisition. I am in love with this Cow Horn Whisky Tumbler Set from the lovely shop Rose and Fitzgerald. How awesome are these? tumbersStart a collection of your own if you haven’t already!



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